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Coloured Timbermates®

TimberMates® Self Drilling screws are designed for fixing into timber.

Featuring a Type 17 self drilling point screwing into timber and hardwoods is an easy task.

Benefits include being able to screw closer to edges without splitting, higher withdrawal strength due to the compaction around the threads of the timber being drilled and lower driving torque.

Recommended for fixing roofing, (metal or fibreglass), walling, fencing, signs, brackets, hinges, pickets, slats, decking etc., to timber.

Ideal for carports, pergolas, fences, outdoor furniture, cubbys and general fastening to timber.

A range of head styles are available for all applications including hex seal for rainproofing and bugle rib, countersunk, countersunk rib or flower heads for use where a flush finish is required.

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