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SteelMates® Self-Drilling for Metal

Recommended for fixing roofing (metal or fibreglass), walling, fencing, sheet metal signs, brackets, hinges. pickets, slats, decking etc., to metal.

Ideal for fences, carports, sheds, and general fastening to metal.

A range of head styles are available for all applications including hex seal for rainproofing and bugle, countersunk, countersunk rib or flower heads where a flush finish is required.

Select the correct head style for your needs and the correct gauge from the drilling & tapping selection guide to suit the thickness of metal in your application.

Fine threaded screws are recommended when driving into thicker metal, these are easily identified as the description includes the fine thread pitch after the gauge size, for example 10.24 x 16.

Reduced point screws are designed for high holding power in thin metal and should not be used in thicker metal.

Driving with impact tools is not recommended due to possible damage to the coating and drill point.

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