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Stainless Steelmates®

Recommended for fixing long life roofing and cladding profiles , timber battens, flooring, decking, cement sheet, composite boards, brackets, and general fastening to metal in highly corrosive environments.
Stainless Steelmates® Self drilling screws are able to drill through steel and other metals. This is due to their high tech BiMetal construction in which a hardened steel drill point is fused onto the point of the stainless screw.
Manufactured from 300 Series stainless steel these screws are extremely fast drilling in steel and include a Super 500 version which can drill up to 12.5mm thick steel, Stainless Steelmates® are only available from Ideal Fasteners.
Select the correct head style to suit your intended application.
Recommended Driving Speed:- High (2,000 r.p.m.)

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