Ideal Fasteners

Ideal Fasteners Quality Assurance System (IQAS)

Commencing business in 1992 throughout our proud history Ideal Fasteners P/L has always been committed to the highest levels of quality. Quality of our products, our service and our people is of utmost importance to us. This is reflected in our corporate philosophy of:- “Service, Quality & Professional Advice”. Our customers benefit from the knowledge that they are dealing with a company they can trust and rely upon.

Committed to Quality

Setting the Standards

During the 1990's Ideal Fasteners P/L was an integral member of the Self Drilling Fastener Suppliers Association, (SDFSA), which was instrumental in the development of the current Australian Standard, AS3566-2002. Self-drilling screws for the building and construction industries. Continuing our commitment to ensuring the highest standards of quality for not only our own products, but also in an endeavour to lift the overall fastener industry standard, a specialist industry working group was formed in 2007 with Ideal Fasteners P/L as a founding member. Ideal Fasteners P/L, in conjunction with BlueScope Steel Ltd., and the other members of this group, undertook an extensive program to re-draft the Australian Standard AS3566-2002 to ensure compliance could be monitored. The new draft standard incorporates a certification scheme for self drilling screws which will be managed by the CSIRO under the Trade Mark “SureFastenerTM” The benefit for all those involved in building and construction is that there will be an ongoing, independent, surveillance program to monitor compliance to the Australian Standard.

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State of the Art Laboratory

Ideal Fasteners P/Ls' high levels of quality for our products are maintained through our Quality Assurance program, IQA (Ideal Quality Assurance). Working with only the highest quality manufacturers and developing a level of trust and understanding is only the beginning. Setting specifications for all aspects involved in the manufacturing processes and monitoring performance. Ongoing testing during manufacturing is complemented with further extensive testing in our own state of the art laboratory located at our Head Office in Dandenong South, Victoria. Our laboratory features:

  • An Instron Tensile testing machine calibrated by a N.A.T.A accredited laboratory for testing the mechanical properties of our fasteners and for specifying expected standards of performance.
  • Struers micrographic testing equipment for microscopic examination of fastener coatings to ensure superior corrosion resistance is achieved.
  • An electronic drill speed machine to measure the drilling performance of our self-drilling screws to provide consistently fast drilling screws.
  • Significant additional testing is conducted across a broad spectrum of performance criteria to ensure that Ideal Fasteners products are of a consistently high quality level and that our screws meet or exceed all relevant Australian and International Standards.

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