Ideal Fasteners

Corporate Profile

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Commencing business in 1992, Ideal Fasteners continues a family involvement in the fastening's industry in Australia that dates back to 1917.

Commitment to providing the highest levels of quality of our products, service and our people is of the utmost importance.

The Ideal Fasteners Quality Assurance System, (IQAS), further demonstrates our commitment to quality. This is reflected in our corporate philosophy of :-

“Service, Quality & Professional Advice”

Our customers benefit from the knowledge that they are dealing with a company they can trust and rely upon.

During the 1990's Ideal Fasteners P/L was an integral member of the Self Drilling Fastener Suppliers Association, which developed the current Australian Standard, AS3566-2002, Self-drilling screws for the building and construction industries, including Part 2 Corrosion Resistance requirements. In 2007 Ideal Fasteners, together with BlueScope Steel Research undertook an extensive program to re-draft Part 2 to ensure that only products that were “fit for purpose' would reach the customer. This draft was presented to Standards Australia for review in 2010. After four years, the ME-029 committee of Standards Australia, comprising industry and corrosion experts, could not reach a consensus on critical issues, particularly the Outdoor Exposure test method.

As a result, in May 2014 the Standards Development committee not only cancelled the review project but the existing standard was made obsolete and withdrawn as the SDC decided it was no longer relevant. With no Australian standard customers need to rely on their screw suppliers for performance guarantees. The Ideal Fasteners Quality Assurance System (IQAS), sets a high standard for Self Drilling screws to meet and is your guarantee of quality. IQAS is an extensive, ongoing surveillance program designed to maintain the highest levels of quality for our products with all testing being conducted in Australia.

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